KVA Fully Potted Isolation Transformer introduced, for effective voltage conversion

    Larson Electronics, a company that specializes in energy-efficient lighting products, portable power distribution systems and industrial accessories, released a 9 KVA fully potted isolation transformer for effective voltage conversion and equipment protection. The NEMA 3R transformer has a primary voltage of 208Y Wye and a secondary voltage of 480V Delta.

    The MT-ISX-FP-3P-208Y-9KVA-480D-N3R is a three phase fully potted transformer that features a primary voltage of 208Y Wye and a secondary voltage of 480V Delta. Precision cut copper windings ensure robust performance during use and close tolerances eliminate burrs to enhance performance. Fully potted transformers have very low-cost ownership and are highly efficient. They provide greater resistance to shock and vibration and protect against moisture and corrosive elements.

    Benefits for end-users of this device are numerous. The isolation transformer offers energy savings and increased efficiency during operation. The MT-ISX-FP-3P-208Y-9KVA-480D-N3R may also protect connected devices on the secondary side of the system from electrical surges, dirty power, current spikes and more. As a result, the lifespan of machines connected to the isolation transformer is preserved and extended. With decreased risk of premature failure, maintenance and repair can be avoided.

    The enclosure of the unit is NEMA 3R rated and constructed of ventilated steel for cool operation. For durability, the surface of the transformer is finished in ANSI 61 grey (UL 50 finish). Operators can mount the isolation transformer on the floor or wall, via integrated mounting brackets. The mounting components ensure quick installations. Offset outward-facing floor installation holes are available for seamless power tool access.

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