Skid Mount Telescoping Fold Over LED Light Mast released, deploys 1000 watts of intense LED lighting

    Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics LLC, announced the release of a new skid mounted fold over light mast, that deploys 1000 watts of intense LED lighting with 360-degree illumination. This telescoping light mast is ideal for use in locations that are exposed to vibration, dust, dirt and abusive working conditions like construction sites.

    The LM-SMWB-25-3S-4X250W-LED-CREE16 is 3-stage pneumatic LED light mast, allowing operators to quickly deploy four, 250-watt LED light heads up to 25 feet above ground with two manual 1,000 winches, or the choice of an electric winch. With a combined total of 129,600 lumens, this telescoping light mast is powerful and great for mining-grade applications, as well as large scale event illumination, construction, industrial operations, and anywhere a rugged, mobile, full-power lighting system capable of extended operation is needed.

    The entire lighting assembly is connected to the power source via a 4-switch control box. Each light head is on an individual circuit and can be powered on or off independently of the other light fixtures. Each floodlight is securely fastened to the mast head with an innovative trunnion style stainless steel mounting bracket that allows the light to be adjusted through 180° of vertical movement.

    This trailer mounted light tower is operated on universal 120-277V AC and is a direct replacement for metal halide light plants.

    “There are a lot of heavily-built lighting systems out there, but our light towers are constructed much differently,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “We specifically over-engineered this tower to survive the roughest working conditions. In the mining and oil industries specifically, functioning mobile towers are highly valuable, but need to be able to withstand the extreme environments – this one will do just that and more”, he added.

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