Astronomic Timer for Automated Control of Alarms, Pumps and Lighting Systems introduced

Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics LLC, has released an industrial astronomic timer designed to accurately automate the activation and deactivation of connected equipment. This 4-circuit energy control system operates on 120-277V AC 50/60Hz and has up to 4,000 setpoints and events that can be scheduled.

The IND-AT-120.277-4CT-SPDT-4KE-N3R is a reliable timer for automated controls in industrial environments. This 4-circuit unit features a maximum panel output of 350 amps and is equipped with a SPDT switch, 30-amp rated contact, and a USB port and ethernet connection. The USB port allows operators to upgrade the system firmware and can also be used for programming and backup. A supercapacitor provides system backup and automatically recharges itself, so no service or replacement is needed. This system allows up to 4,000 setpoints and events to be scheduled. Date and times are maintained for up to 100 hours during a power outage.

This timer features astronomic programming which allows sunset/On and sunrise/Off configurations. Also included with this unit are adjustable pulse features for contractor and bell ringing applications. The timer provides automatic daylight savings time adjustments to greatly reduce timing errors found in other systems that need manual adjustments. The IND-AT-120.277-4CT-SPDT-4KE-N3R is protected by a Type 3R steel enclosure and is equipped with an ethernet cable and #20 – #6 AWG terminals for secure connections. The unit can be mounted on walls or flat surfaces.

“This digital timer is perfect for lighting and alarm controls, equipment automation and more,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “It provides operators in industrial environments with an easy way to manage energy usage and save time lost with manual adjustments”, he added.