Seamless Inspection and Testing with GOEPEL electronic’s new solutions

Introducing Pilot Inspect, X Line • 3D, Integration of the Embedded JTAG Solutions AND ChipVORX technology


Integration of Embedded JTAG Solutions in Teradyne In-Circuit Platform

The integration of the Embedded JTAG Solutions from GOEPEL electronic increases the test scope of the TSi-052 In-Circuit tester from Teradyne. Parallel test sequences reduce test times enormously. The combination of the test technologies is particularly suitable for high-volume production of complex PCBs, in the automotive sector for example.

Teradyne TestStation TSi-052 with Embedded JTAG Solutions integration

System integration allows users to test and program PCB assemblies via various interfaces after In-Circuit-Test (ICT). The focus is on programming and commissioning of Infineon AURIX and Renesas microprocessors. By means of special embedded technologies and parallelization, cycle times can be shortened significantly.

The hardware for integration consists of a SCANFLEX controller. With a separate Pylon interface, eight different TAPs (Test Access Port) are routed into the adapter area. The Teradyne software “Navigate” runs the Embedded JTAG Solutions software SYSTEM CASCON via the test plan and integrates test results into the production window.

The inline small-footprint test system TSi-052 is based on the technology of the Teradyne Teststation LH/LX, which is also equipped with Embedded JTAG Solutions system integration from GOEPEL electronic.

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