Seamless Inspection and Testing with GOEPEL electronic’s new solutions

Introducing Pilot Inspect, X Line • 3D, Integration of the Embedded JTAG Solutions AND ChipVORX technology

Extensions in the inline X-ray system for shorter cycle times and faster PCB handling

Within the scope of the SMT hybrid packaging 2017, GÖPEL electronic presents the latest version of the X Line · 3D, the inline X-ray system for high-performance 3D inspection in large-scale production. Improvements in hardware and new software functions ensure even higher test speeds and thus shorter cycle times.

Left Figure 2X Line • 3D Series 300, Right Figure QFN in 3D visualization

The  X Line · 3D Series 300 offers improved PCB transfer, significantly reducing PCB assembly handling time. In addition, systems of the speed variant X40PLUS now capable of scanning speed of up to 510 mm/s during image acquisition. A new soft-stop option can be used to stop circuit boards and ceramic substrates in seconds. The new sensor concept captures the assembly front edge without contact from above. The UUT comes to a standstill in a very short time, without the risk of damage as with mechanical “hard stops”.

On the software side, the new version of PILOT AXI 3.3 is available for the X Line · 3D. Advanced test functions capture air inclusions (voids) and solder balls even more reliably. New filter options provide additional image optimization. In addition, the necessary test program generation time for the system software PILOT AXI was further shortened.

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