Seamless Inspection and Testing with GOEPEL electronic’s new solutions

Introducing Pilot Inspect, X Line • 3D, Integration of the Embedded JTAG Solutions AND ChipVORX technology

PILOT Inspect for Mobile and Unified Control of Inspection Systems

PILOT Inspect is an inspection system software module specifically designed for operation of GOEPEL electronic inspection systems. The touch screen operating concept for accessing apps provides intuitive handling as well as clear and structured presentation of the most important information.

With the help of integrated informational texts and video tutorials, the user is able to operate the machine and execute test programs after only a short training without any special knowledge or experience.

Start page of the PILOT Inspect software

PILOT Inspect can be run on the system PC as well as on mobile devices. For example, multiple inspection systems can be monitored and controlled from one tablet. The software is based on various apps (for example inspection, fault statistics, calibration, machine state) whose status is displayed on the PILOT Inspect start page.

Numerous indications and information facilitate fault diagnosis and reduce the potential downtime of the machine to a minimum.

By interacting with the software module PILOT Connect, inspection data are stored centrally. This also ensures communications with numerous MES systems.

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