Samsung opened its biggest store worldwide in India

    The 33,000-square-foot store, known as the Samsung Opera House, opened in the southern city of Bangalore, as the company tries to beat Chinese rivals in one of the world’s largest smartphone markets.

    Apple currently has no flagship stores in India, though iPhones and its other devices are available through resellers and online marketplaces. Apple has just 1 percent of the smartphone market in India. Chinese phone maker Xiaomi leads the smartphone market in India with a nearly 30 percent share, according to IDC, while Samsung comes in second with 23 percent.

    The South Korean tech giant is showcasing its full lineup of smartphones and wearable devices at the store alongside consumer electronics products like TVs and appliances. Visitors can also try the company’s VR experiences there.

    The building, which hosted plays and operas when India was ruled by Britain, was restored over a two-year period, according to Samsung. The facade’s original look was maintained, while the interior was modernized.

    “Opera House will also organize workshops, activities and events, bringing together Samsung’s innovations with people’s passions,” said HC Hong, Samsung SouthWest Asia’s CEO and President, in a press release.

    “We are proud of the transformation that this place has seen.”

    Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for further comment. The company also opened one of the world’s largest phone factories in Noida, near the outskirts of New Delhi, in July as it increases its presence in the fastest-growing mobile phone market.

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