Rework Repair Kits as Per IPC-7711B/7721B for PCBAs

Rework Repair Kits as Per IPC

Manufacturers and assemblers handling high value PCBAs want to realize dramatic cost savings by repairing and reworking electronic assemblies, which include component replacement as well as repair of printed circuit boards. Component replacement is used widely whereas the challenge is to have the suitable kits and support to handle TH and SMT rework of land, pads, conductors, Edge connectors and laminate repair. These repairs need dedicated kits to get high yield of repair.

CircuitMedic is serving this requirement of the industry since more than last 25 years.  These kits support technicians to do the rework as per the IPC standards.  Along with complete range of materials, in-depth instructions to follow the industry methods of repair and various Videos help technicians to achieve the required results.

Circuit Medic has the product range which includes: Master pad repair kit, Land repair kits, Gold contact repair kit, Plated hole repair kit, Base board repair kits. You can also buy Circuit frames, Circuit Track kit, Epoxy Kit, Colour Agent, Wire Dots, Micro Drill Systems etc. separately too.

Mectronics has started stocking some of the kits in India and some regularly used consumables in India. We are the authorized distributors for CircuitMedic in India and if you have the facility or you are planning to setup a facility for board repair as per the IPC-7711/7721 standards, please let us know. We can surely work with you to work out the  most suitable products for your requirements.

Now with Metcal and CircuitMedic, we can handle any of your PCBA requirements.

We look forward to work with you.

For more details contact:,+91-11-43041581,

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