Reduce your development time with Renesas’ Small Design Class Inverter Kit Solution for HEV and EV

Key features of the new 100 kW class inverter solution:

(1)  Industry-leading small design class of 3.9 L and reduced inverter system weight enable mounting in even smaller spaces

The size and weight of the heat sink included in an inverter can be reduced by employing the temperature management technology that increases the responsiveness and precision of the temperature sensors integrated in the IGBT.

In addition, the included MCU has an integrated enhanced motor control unit (EMU) function that enables motor control to be performed by a dedicated circuit instead of the CPU. This offloads the CPU to take on the CPU processing for the external automotive control unit (known as an electronic control unit, ECU), including the DC/DC converter, second motor, and cooling pump processing. This enables effective automotive ECU integration leading to improved use of the limited space in the engine room.

(2)  Shortens development period by more than 50 percent with software that allows quick evaluation in actual cars

In addition to hardware, the inverter solution includes a motor calibration tool that maximizes the motor performance. This simplifies construction of motor control systems that are highly efficient at the system level. This allows system manufacturers to immediately evaluate a prototyped inverter system in an actual car, which can shorten, for example, a three- to two-year prototyped inverter system development period into just one year, a reduction of over 50 percent.

(3)  Higher fuel and electric power efficiency with devices optimized for HEV/EV applications

By using IGBT/FRD devices for reduced low conduction loss and low switching loss, the new inverter solution achieves a current loss reduction of approximately 12 percent.

By including Renesas main devices that are specialized for HEV and EVs, the new solution reduces the inverter’s power loss by approximately 10 percent. This enables increased motor efficiency, which ultimately contributes to increased fuel and electric power efficiency of the inverter system. The new solution is equipped with the RH850/C1H MCU Series which have an industry-proven resolver-to-digital converter (RDC) function to convert the motor’s rotation angle from analog to digital. The RH850/C1H achieves high precision motor control of up to 12 to 16 bits. The solution also includes the R2A25110 driver IC with micro-isolator technology enabling high-speed switching.

Renesas will be introducing the 100 kW class inverter solution, including presenting demonstrations using the new solution, at Renesas DevCon Japan 2017

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