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    11ac access point for SOHO and small businesses by Zyxel

    Zyxel Communications expanded its wireless portfolio today with the addition of NWA1123-AC PRO, an 802.11ac 3X3 Dual-Radio Dual Mount PoE Access Point. Designed for SOHO and small businesses, the plenum-rated standalone AP features a dual-optimized antenna, two-way mounting, and a set-up wizard to help non tech-savvy users build a powerful and flexible wireless network without hassle.

    Caption for image inside the release : Zyxel NWA1123-AC PRO access point designed for small and home offices

    Flexible installation to optimize coverage:

    While the best way to optimize wireless coverage is to ask a professional, it’s not always an affordable or economic choice for small businesses or home offices. Designed for those looking to build a simple, flexible wireless network on their own, the NWA1123-AC PRO features a dual-mount, dual-optimized antenna design that allows users to mount it on ceilings or walls without inter-floor interference. Its switchable antenna configuration enables the best possible signal coverage no matter how it’s installed.

    Wireless performance is limited when access points have to be locked down in certain spots due to power or Ethernet cabling constraints. The PoE and repeater mode support of the NWA1123-AC PRO provides an extra layer of flexibility for users to install the device literally anywhere in the office.

    In places where power sockets are not available, the NWA1123-AC PRO can be powered by Ethernet cable. Even in cases where the device is too far for Ethernet to reach, the device can receive and rebroadcast wireless signals in repeater mode.

    Paving the way for a simple, convenient network set-up:

    The set-up wizard is available to walk users through installation in 6 steps. For multiple access point set-up and management, users will be able to take advantage of the Zyxel One Network and its ZON utility tools to unify and centralize configuration from a single interface.

    A durable design for savings in the long run:

    The NWA1123-AC PRO adopts solid state capacitors and advanced heat dissipation design in the inside and non-toxic materials on the outside. The ultra-slim 32mm (1.26 inches) and all-white aesthetic design easily fits in small spaces and blends in with the modern office deco.

    wireless access points
    Zyxel NWA1123-AC PRO access point designed for small and home offices

    With the NWA1123-AC PRO we wanted to provide a solution to help smaller offices or businesses to live their wireless network to its full potential”, commented Crowley Wu, Senior AVP of Zyxel Networking Business Unit. “It helps users boost Wi-Fi coverage like a high-tech pro”.

    Zyxel has a comprehensive portfolio of wireless access points designed for small to medium-sized businesses, including controller-managed, standalone, and cloud-managed models. Find out more information, please visit Zyxel.

    For more visit : www.

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