Power Wireless Electronic device inside body

Electronic devices are savior of our life but they do need power supply to operate within body. Ingestible devices comes with their own constraints of small size and definite distance from the surface of body.  Be ready for treating gastrointestinal tract by ingestible electronic capsule, engrossed with capsule sized antenna which made it capable for receiving radio signals without any wires. It can safely power a device in gastrointestinal tract in preclinical models.

The research team use a mid-field coupling techniques which deliver power to deeply implanted devices. This technique can operate at higher frequencies and can deliver power two to three times in an efficient manner.

 Investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, MIT and The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory report has designed antennas which are capable of operating efficiently in tissue. They placed one antenna outside of the body and the other in the esophagus, stomach and colon of a swine model. They were able to transmit power levels of 37.5 uW, 123 uW and 173 uW, respectively, all of which are sufficient to wirelessly power a range of medical devices from outside of the body.