State-of-the-Art Infrastructure Platform to Improve Customers Profitability

Athenta Technologies, a leading product company specializing in Integrated Infrastructure Management business is championing to connecting Non-IT and IT Infrastructure entities for an end to end monitoring, management, and control. By the help of Athenta solutions, the companies can now address and keep a vigil immaculately so that the equipment performs as per their expectations and SLA ensuring high-end performance.

The company offers state of the art, next-generation products for comprehensively and cohesively managing all aspect of the Infrastructure – IT, Building, Industrial Controls and Energy. It helps to optimize operational expenses, enhance customer experience, improve profitability and reduce your carbon footprint, in a cost-efficient manner.

Athenta has also developed innovative solutions across every class of Infrastructure Management – IT and Networks, Energy and SCADA – based on their groundbreaking AES platform that provides a unified environment to manage all classes of infrastructure. It holistically enables effective communication between the disparate subsystems and devices for proactively alerting the operations staff on any performance degradations or change in status. This is done while instantly making them aware of the cause of the degradation so that the equipment or the system could be changed or repaired.

The products enable the customers to monitor and manage their infrastructure whether it’s facility, IT Compute or Operations, in real-time. They have an ‘open framework’, to integrate with any vendor equipment and devices or any third-party tools or applications. It has both northbound and southbound gateway integration capabilities too. This facility allows the administrator to have seamless data sharing, to build a collaborative decision-making system by integrating with any third-party system, existing in the customer premises.

Athenta’s solution has an inbuilt device certification mechanism which would allow adding new equipment in the environment, without worrying about its manageability in sync with the other equipment. It also provides web-based consoles, which will headend all the proposed safety and security system. The integration enables viewing of all the systems through icons on the Software. Upon selection of each icon, the screen for the respective system appears on the ICMSWorkstation.

The products have a smart software-embedded hardware which are easy to handle using simple “UI”, also called “HawkEYE”. It monitors and controls various infrastructure elements seamlessly through a single unified framework which can include – Servers, Networks, Communication Backbone, Applications, Databases, Storages, Wireless, CCTV, Transformers, Breakers, Energy, Fire – Safety and Security, Pumps, AFC, DG’s, etc. Athenta Appliance provides ‘Manager of Managers’ view that enables distributed environments to be managed with ease on Single Platform and on a Single Window.

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