Brand new compliant stack software to enable 5G Small Cell Development

    CommAgility, a Wireless Telecom Group company, announced the availability of its 3GPP Release 15 compliant protocol stack software for 4G and 5G product developers. This new version of CommAgility’s SmallCellSTACK is the latest evolution of the high performing and robust software, which is deployed in major public and private networks around the world. The SmallCellSTACK enables fast, low-risk development of small cells and private networks.

    “Our customers can now take advantage of SmallCellSTACK’s performance and the flexibility built into our product to accelerate 5G application development,” says Edward Young, CommAgility’s Vice President and General Manager. “Since the software is compliant to 3GPP standards, developers are assured of compatibility to newly deployed 5G networks, as well as continuing to receive a quality experience on 4G networks.”

    The SmallCellSTACK is portable and modular, providing the flexibility for deployment on ARM or Intel x86 and can support a variety of deployment scenarios including easy customization for specialized networks.  With support for a 4G anchor channel, the SmallCellSTACK uses the 5G physical layer, SmallCellPHY5G, enabling a complete 5G small cell software solution. The foundation of CommAgility small cell products is the “reference chain”, a fixed-point C implementation containing over 2,000 test vectors to ensure a customer’s product is 3GPP-compliant and ready for migration to customer or CommAgility hardware.

    CommAgility has also announced they are now actively using the reference chain in a real-time environment for a full 5G New Radio demonstration and expects the complete, optimized 5G software and hardware portfolio for small cells will be available in 2020. With these new developments, product developers can immediately take advantage of the entire CommAgility integrated product portfolio or license the individual elements they need.

    The 5G networks deployed today work alongside existing 4G networks in a variant called 5G New Radio Non-Standalone (5G NR NSA). This is a major milestone in the evolution towards full 5G New Radio Standalone (5G NR SA) which defines significant network changes to allow higher data rates, lower latency and a more flexible network architecture allowing operators to cost effectively offer new, innovative services. CommAgility is continually upgrading its entire software and hardware product portfolio to support customers transitioning to 5G, including support for 5G NR SA in 2020.

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