Nuvoton Technology Forms Trusted Computing Partnership with OnBoard Security

    Nuvoton Technology Corporation and OnBoard Security are partnering to incorporate greater security into the Internet of Things (IoT). OnBoard Security’s TrustSentinel TSS 2.0 now supports Nuvoton’s NPCT family of Trusted Platform Modules (TPM). This eliminates the need for software developers to understand the internal workings of the chip by providing standardized, easy-to-use application interfaces. This means that IoT manufacturers can trust that their applications are being protected from the threat of rootkit/bootkit attacks, and can be confident of strong authentication and attestation for their hardware.

    Nuvoton’s NPCT75x family supports leading-edge TPM 2.0 with best-in-class performance for better user experience. It also provides the highest level of TPM 2.0 hardware security through FIPS 140-2 certification combined with Common Criteria (CC), with assurance level EAL 4 augmented. The NPCT75x addresses IoT applications by also offering a 3x3mm2 small-form-factor package, low, active and idle power, and embedded peripheral interfaces including I²C and SPI.

    TrustSentinel is the world’s only commercially-supported TSS 2.0 solution. The Trusted Computing experts at OnBoard Security are leading contributors to the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) TSS 2.0 Working Group, and for two consecutive years, members of their team have been selected as TCG Key Contributor award winners.

    “In the IoT age, security services like secured boot, attestation and secured storage are key to product success,” said Erez Naory, Nuvoton’s Vice President of Client and Security IC products. “The NPCT75x, in conjunction with OnBoard Security’s TrustSentinel TSS 2.0, is a perfect fit to address the IoT market, supporting these services at low power combined with superb performance.”

    “Nuvoton is a leader in Trusted Platform Module manufacturing,” said Gene Carter, Vice President of Products at OnBoard Security.  “Our TrustSentinel TSS 2.0 middleware will provide customers with a fast, efficient and secure path to implementing the Nuvoton TPMs.”

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