Now, Vapor Proof LED String Light released, to prevent water from seeping

    Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics, released a vapor proof LED string light constructed and certified to prevent water or moisture from seeping into the handle or light head when used in wet locations. This handheld lamp is an ideal fixture for illuminating wet areas and rugged locations.

    The VPLSL-5-LED from Larson Electronics is an LED string light that consists of five industrial grade vapor proof hand lamps, connected with 10 feet of 12/3 SOOW cable between each lamp. Each high output LED bulb draws just 10 watts, less than 10% of the electrical power of a standard 100-watt bulb yet produces 70% more output. Each trouble light covers approximately a 5 to 8-foot radius with 10-15-foot candles of light. The LED lights used in this hand lamp have the familiar qualities of similar incandescent models, but provide cooler operation, better light quality and great light color, making them safe and reliable for wet environments and close inspection work.

    The industrial lamps in this string light have no ballast, reducing the overall weight and making the assembly more compact for easy transport. The certified vapor proof drop lights are built to survive and thrive in hazardous conditions and rugged use. Each lamp features a comfortable handle for safe and sturdy grip, and a stainless-steel wire guard to protect the glass dome. Stainless-steel hooks provide a durable overhead mounting option.

    This LED string light is terminated with a 10-foot-long 12/3 SOOW chemical and abrasion resistant cable fitted with industrial grade cord cap. 10 feet of 12/3SOOW cord connect each lamp together to complete the string light assembly. The lights are configured to operate with 120-277V AC but can be ordered in 12-24V DC for low voltage operations.

    “This vapor proof LED string light is a lightweight and convenient for illuminating wet areas with powerful and reliable high output light,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “The LEDs help generate greater contrast between equipment parts and backgrounds, allowing for very close and detailed inspections”, he added.

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