Now Offering L-com M12 Cables for Industrial Applications

ShowMeCables, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading supplier of connectivity solutions, has announced it is now offering a new line of high-quality, commercial-grade Category 5e M12 cable assemblies manufactured by L-com.

Designed to provide secure connections for industrial networking applications, the new M12 Ethernet cables are built to endure the harshest environments. With an IP68 rating and industrial outdoor FR-TPE jacket, L-com Cat5e M12 cables are ideal for wet and corrosive environments and can be used in industrial applications, factory automation, or in fieldbus networks that have sensors and actuators. With locking threads on either end, the threading around each male pin screws into the female end, which creates a tight seal that is resistant to environmental factors. A variety of industries utilize these L-com Cat5e M12 cables, including manufacturing automation, transportation, agriculture, robotics and alternative energy.

“Because so many industries need dependability in the harshest conditions, ShowMeCables offers M12 Cable Assemblies from L-com that ensure you’re always able to connect to your network. Our customers are really going to enjoy the high flex capabilities of this cable while not having to compromise on the durability or dependability,” said Blake Woods, Product Manager.

ShowMeCables carries four variations of the L-com Category 5e M12 4 Position IP68 D-coded cables, including male to male, male to female, male to RJ45, and female to RJ45. They are resistant to oil, sunlight, weld splatter and other environmental factors, are offered in multiple lengths and are available for same day shipping.

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