New plug and play spectrometer unveiled, to acquire time-resolved data

PicoQuant unveils its latest luminescence spectrometer that makes acquiring time-resolved data as simple as plugging it in and start measuring. During its 16th course on the “Principles and Applications of Time-resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy” held in Berlin from November 5-8, 2018.

PicoQuant presented the FluoTime 250 to the 40 attendees and invited lecturers. Lecturer Prof. Zygmunt “Karol” Gryczynski from the Texas Christian University (Texas, USA) was impressed with the device: “The new FluoTime 250 is the result of PicoQuant’s long standing experience: It provides an easy way to perform time-resolved studies with a compact and robust system.”

The design of the FluoTime 250 provides access to the world of time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy in a compact, fully automated device. Thanks to a series of comprehensive software wizards, even novice users can perform complex measurements such as fluorescence decays or time-resolved anisotropy studies in a very short time. Advanced users get full access to all instrument capabilities via a point-and-click interface or integrated scripting language.

By adding an optional monochromator, the FluoTime 250 can also measure time-resolved emission spectra (TRES).

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