New massive MIMO radio, RAN Compute products for 5G mid-band rollout

New Radios are launched to expanded RAN Compute with six new products for faster 5G mid-band rollouts. These new products are powered for high-performing networks.

It is pertinent to note that the mid-band spectrum bridges the gap between low-band and high-band in terms of speed, capacity, and coverage. Further, 5G mid-band can provide a full-fledged experience to both customers and enterprises.

The new range of mid-band ma-MIMO 5G radios are claimed to provide a full-fledged network experience for subscribers while increasing capacity by three times. These light-weight radios also come with passive cooling to minimize maintenance-related costs.

After the first rollouts of 5G networks, now is the time to scale up 5G by leveraging Massive MIMO to a much larger extent. With this, communications service providers can speed up their mid-band deployments efficiently with superior performance for their users, while reducing energy consumption.
This launch comes at an opportune moment, as carriers turn their attention to capitalizing on the mid-band 5G spectrum. These radios are an industry standout in terms of compact form factors and lightweight designs, which should help operators overcome deployment challenges,