New innovation lab launched at IIT Madras to accelerate Telecom Research and Innovation

Prodapt announced the opening of its R&D innovation lab at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras Research Park at Chennai. A collaborative relationship between corporate research labs and IIT Madras is facilitated by the research park, to connect industry with academia.

The facility will be leveraged by Prodapt’s R&D Labs to create intellectual property (IP) and software products focussed on the telecom industry, in the areas of Network Virtualization, SDN-NFV, 5G, AI/ML etc.

Speaking on this occasion, Vedant Jhaver, the CEO of Prodapt stated, “This is an important milestone for Prodapt. As an organization, we’re committed to providing innovative products and solutions to telecom operators and digital service providers. Our collaboration with IITM will enable us to leverage their state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and world-class faculty to significantly propel our innovation agenda.”

By partnering with IIT Madras, Prodapt will access IIT Madras faculty, students and research programs and work together to solve complex business and technology challenges faced by digital service providers globally. More than 100 Prodapt engineers and telecom experts will be part of this innovation program to build IP-led products. Prodapt aims to achieve 25% of its revenue from IP-led assets by 2021.

“We’re excited to have Prodapt as part of the IITM Research Park to help develop IP-led products,” said Rajendra Mootha, Chief Operating Officer of IIT Madras Research Park. “This will help students gain crucial industry knowledge from Prodapt SMEs and work on some of the live projects to address the critical challenges faced by the industry.”

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