Murata releases SAW filter for Wi-Fi circuits in mobile and tabs


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has released a SAW filter (1.1 x 0.9 mm) for Wi-Fi (ISM2.4GHz) that achieves greater steepness, insertion reduction and temperature characteristic stability compared to conventional models using the company’s new proprietary SAW technology (I.H.P. SAW). Mass production will begin in June 2017.

Current smartphone and tablet devices require Wi-Fi (ISM2.4GHz) functionality. Band7/30/40/41 and other LTE bands have seen increased use near the 2.4 GHz band in recent times, and with this there are increased calls for Wi-Fi (ISM2.4GHz) filters to come equipped with greater steepness and low insertion loss filter characteristics, in addition to stable temperature characteristics in order to prevent mutual interference with these LTE bands. Providing support for such was difficult with conventional SAW devices, giving competitor company filters based on BAW technology the advantage in this field.

With the application of a proprietary SAW technology (I.H.P. SAW) allowing for the transmission of SAW energy with greater efficiency, Murata has successfully developed a Wi-Fi (ISM2.4GHz) filter with characteristics (steepness, low insertion loss, temperature characteristics) notably superior to that provided by conventional BAW technology.


  • High-Q performance with I.H.P. SAW technology offers low insertion loss and greater steepness filter characteristics
  • Superior temperature characteristics, a defining feature of I.H.P. SAW
  • A flexible production system derived from the inheritance of SAW processes


Wi-Fi (ISM2.4GHz) RF circuits in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Part number

SAFQ2G45MA0G0A series

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