Mouser stocks Bosch’s TDL110 Transport Data Logger

To Enable Supply Chain Transparency

Mouser Electronics the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the TDL110 Transport Data Logger (TDL) from Bosch Connected Devices. The TDL110 is individually configurable, intuitive and easy to use, enabling engineers to integrate the device with little effort and without prior knowledge of the processes of a logistics chain. Once attached to a shipment, the TDL110 measures and records temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock, and engineers can view the data through a mobile application. The limits of each parameter can be individually configured, and any violation is traceable and clearly assignable throughout the entire supply chain.

The Bosch Connected Devices TDL110 Transport Data Logger, available from Mouser Electronics, attaches to shipments and records parameters to help make the delivery process more visible and traceable. The device houses precise, Bosch-developed MEMS technology in an IP54-rated enclosure and safely stores data thanks to a 1400 mAh battery with a lifetime of up to two years. The TDL110 provides proof of possible damage or evidence of failure-free transport chain, enabling trust between shipping partners as well as important data for optimizing logistics processes.

The TDL110 delivers high accuracy of ±0.5 degrees Celsius over a wide temperature range of 0 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius and ±1.0 degree over the full temperature range of minus 25 to 80 degrees Celsius. The device offers a typical relative humidity accuracy of ±5 percent and a shock and acceleration accuracy of ±0.1 g over a three-dimensional range of ±13.8g. The TDL110 supports Bluetooth low energy communication and transmits over a range of up to 40 meters.

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