Mouser Loads: Lumex ezDisplay UART OLED and LED Modules

Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now stocking ezDisplay UART OLED and LED modules from Lumex. Controlled using a simple UART interface and any microcontroller or embedded system running standard AT or hex commands, these low-power organic LED (OLED) and LED modules help shorten the development process and simplify PCB layouts by providing a lightweight, modular solution that supports the implementation of complex information displays for many end-user applications.

Each Lumex ezDisplay UART OLED and LED module, available from Mouser Electronics, is equipped with the necessary onboard driver IC and integrated UART interface that enables developers to control the device through a wide variety of microcontroller and embedded programming tools. Since no drivers or libraries are required, and every module display can use the same command list, developers can easily change from one OLED or LED module to another based on their application requirements with minimal effort. With the ability to run mixed character and graphic modes, along with built-in fonts and patterns, Lumex’s ezDisplay UART OLED and LED modules are capable of displaying complex information and animations.

Both the OLED and LED modules can receive bitmap data and display the bitmap simultaneously, and each offers multiple screen display functionality. The InfoVue OLED display modules are available in a 128×64 display and can control multi OLED modules from a single controller. The UART OLED displays feature fast response time, quick display refresh, and wide viewing angles that are ideal for portable electronic displays. The 96×8 dot matrix LED display modules are ideal for displays needing more than one single 8×8 dot matrix. To help speed up the design process, Mouser also offers a range of development tools and accessories from Lumex.

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