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    Matrix Comsec Offers QR Code Based Access Control for Users

    QR Code Based Access Control

    Matrix “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers QR code based identification for users. It marks their attendance and opens doors when a user scans the QR code on their mobile phone camera in the COSEC mobile application.


    • Enter by simply Scanning the QR Code from a Distance
    • Users don’t have to Touch any Scanner
    • Secured and Encrypted Communication
    • Organizations create their own QR Codes by Embedding their 2-byte Key
    • Eliminates Costs Involved in Expensive Devices, Wiring, Installation and AMC
    • Use of Multiple QR Codes Speed up Entry/Exit- Avoiding Congestion and Queues
    • Reduces Installation Time
    • Works where Devices are not easy to Deploy, e.g. Glass doors, etc.

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