Low-Cost Regulated SIP8 DC/DC Converters by RECOM

RECOM’s new regulated DC/DC converters RSE (2 Watt) and RSOE (1 Watt) series were developed for a variety of industrial, transport, test & measurement which require on-board 5V power supplies; the cost-effective converters operate at extreme temperatures from -40°C up to +80°C at full load.

The fully upgraded DC/DC converters are offered with nominal 2:1 input voltages of 5V and 24V and with 5V output voltage. Tight output regulation protects against any sudden change in input voltage and keeps interference levels low and output voltage stable. They are pin-compatible with the RSO, RS, RS3 and RS6 series for an easy upgrade on existing circuit boards. The converters are packaged in an industry standard SIP8 housing measuring a compact 21.8 x 9.2 x 11.1 mm and have an I/O isolation of 2 kVDC. The converters reach efficiencies up to 80% at full load. At low loads common converters fail to produce high efficiency rates; however, the RSE and RSOE series converters still reach 70% efficiency at 30% load and can even maintain full functionality down to 0% load. They are overcurrent as well as short-circuit protected with rapid start-up times less than 500μs. Industrial Class A EMC levels are met with a pi-filter. All modules are certified to UL62368-1 with a CB report and come with a full three-year warranty. Samples are now available at our authorized distributors. For more information please visit www.recom-power.com

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