Low-consumption cleaning solutions launched for Electronic Production

Finding effective and efficient cleaning methods are critical within the electronics industry, especially as components get smaller and more intricate. With this in mind, Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, are working with their supplier, kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH to promote the importance of implementing cleaning solutions with a focus on lowering consumption.

Long-term cleaning solutions are essential in electronics production, but systems need to be in place that not only clean quickly and effectively, but also at the best consumption per part cleaned.

“The cost of consumables and the repeat purchase of cleaning chemistry to support electronic production can amount to a significant spend,” explains Matthew Jones, Altus Sales Director. “Whilst some companies factor in the ongoing cost, many don’t, only to realize after the system has gone into production that the chemistry they require needs to be replaced regularly and is highly expensive.

“Kolb is helping companies to find solutions that are innovative in their ability to clean effectively and are price competitive. They have a clear goal to inform the industry that it is important to limit consumption of cleaning chemistry by focusing on low cleaning temperatures.”

At high temperatures, the evaporation of water and detergent constituents occurs, and the mixing ratio is impaired making the cleaning process unstable. Therefore the mixtures must be constantly monitored and corrected, which entails expensive measuring technology. The heating energy required to run the process at high temperatures also results in a significantly higher than necessary total cost. Kolb has innovative solutions that address this problem with modern detergent technologies that work effectively at low temperature. This ensures a long lasting and stable process that is not only environmentally friendly, but improves consumption.

For more information, visit: www.altusgroup.co.uk

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