Latest R3 Series of Dual Isolated Regulated Outputs DC/DC converters released, have strong EMI ability

Mornsun recently added four new series with dual isolated regulated outputs to its wide input R3 DC/DC converters family, URD-S-3WR3, URD-YMD-10WR3, URD-LD-20WR3 and URD480524D-30WR3 series. These four new series adopt international standard pins, have strong EMI ability and good compatibility. Besides, the series provide a 4:1 ultra wide input voltage range, and deliver efficiencies up to 84%.

In addition to meeting EN62368 standards, protections for input under-voltage, output short circuit, over-current are also included. Applications include data transmission device, Tele-communication device, distributed power supply system, hybrid A/D system, remote control system, etc.


  • Primary/Secondary output are positive
  • Ultra wide input voltage range(4:1): 18~75VDC
  • Efficiency up to 84%
  • Isolation voltage: 1500VDC/3000VDC/3000VAC
  • Protections including input under-voltage, output short circuit, over-current
  • Operating temperature range: URD-LD-20WR3 is -40℃ to +105℃, other series are -40℃ to +85℃
Part Number Power(W) Vin


Vout(VDC) No. Of Outputs Isolation(VDC) Package Dimension(mm) Certification Sample
URD-S-3WR3 3 48(18~75) 5,5;5,12;   5,24 2 3000 SIP 27.40*9.50*12.00mm Meets CE standards
URD-YMD-10WR3 10 48(18~75) 5,5;5,12;5,24 2 1500 DIP 25.40*25.40*11.70mm CE Pending
URD-LD-20WR3 20 48(18~75) 5,5;5,12;5,24 2 3000 DIP 50.80*25.40*11.80mm CE Pending
URD480524D-30WR3 30 48(18~75) 5,24 2 3000


DIP 70.00*48.00*26.00mm CE Pending


Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

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