Kwality PolyWa Launches 3030WZ80 CRI-80 LEDs with ZENER Protection!

Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd, introduces yet another product enhancement for the 3030WZ80 150mA LEDs in 120/140 Lumens with a ZENER Protection, and a high CRI of 80 This brings our 3030 LED on par with world class LED Brands yet with affordable Indian price. KLSL3030WZ80 CRI 80 150mA LEDs in 120/140 Lumens deliver exceptional brightness thanks to the specially designed lead frame profile and improves heats dissipation of the device.

Devices using Kwality’s SMD KLSL3030WZ80 150mA LEDs can be used for applications with higher currents thanks to their low thermal resistance rating. of  12˚ c/w The 150mA ratings ( max 200mA ) is very convenient for designing drivers and can be used with any 0.5W LEDs like 5630W & 2835W. What’s more, the same driver can be used & number LEDs halved to save Rs 0.30 per LEDs in soldering costs itself.

KLSL3030WZ80 are very Popular with lighting designers and engineers due to their small size and wide viewing angles which make them ideal for LED tube Lights, backlight usage, while their flat lenses make them easier for pick-and –place machines to handle. These SMD LEDs serve purpose in applications where size, brightness and special configurations are in stringent consideration.

 Kwality’s surface-mount SMD LED family of 2835W, 5630W & 3030W are de-facto Industry Standards for India. Together can meet every possible design requirement, be it street lights, tube lights, retrofit Bulbs, panel lights, high bay lights, flood lights, down lights. Due to HUGE COST ADVANTAGE of Kwality SMD LEDs, even streetlights are being lit with these MEDIUM POWER LEDs.

 High reliability, high brightness, low power consumption and full colour range make Kwality’s LEDs a major player in Lighting, Signage as well as Automotive applications.

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