Keysight Technologies Announces Aerospace and Defense Symposium 2016

Keysight Aerospace and Defense Symposium 2016

Tenth Annual Event Delivers Measurement Insights for Advanced Electronics Development


  • Symposium is India’s largest technical gathering of engineers and scientiststhat focuses on enabling the Indian Aerospace and Defense sector
  • Topics addressed the challenges faced while designing advanced electronic technologies

Keysight Technologies held its annual Aerospace and Defense Symposium. The conference was attended by the most influential engineers and scientists in the Indian Aerospace and Defense sector to discuss the growing technological trends. In addition, Keysight unveiled its latest design and test solutions to enable measurement insights for organizations working on cutting-edge strategic electronics in India.

This year’s theme “Focus Where it Counts”, highlighted Keysight’s expertise in measurement science and test processes and was intended to give attendees greater assurance in system readiness. The symposium addressed the growing need for innovating advanced test systems and the importance of delivering mission critical results using accurate test and measurement tools. An extensive product fair with solutions designed to solve the challenges faced while developing advanced technologies for aerospace and defense applications, was showcased at the event.

Additional topics included:

  • Trends for aerospace and defense electronics
  • Using calibration to optimize performance in crucial measurements
  • Radar measurement fundamentals
  • Simulating, generating and analyzing custom-modulated satellite signals
  • Generating wideband, multi-channel radar signals using high-speed arbitrary waveform generators
  • Photonics in radar
  • Exploring new solutions for testing of wideband satellite components

“The successful completion of our tenth annual Keysight Aerospace and Defense Symposium is a testimony to Keysight’s contribution in this sector,” said SudhirTangri, country general manager, Keysight Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. “The Indian aerospace and defense market opportunities are growing, as noted by leading market analysis research*, we are proud to assist as a global leader in electronic test and measurement. We have always significantly contributed in the transformation of this sector and hope to continue to be an integral part of this positive growth.”

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