Keep Your Head in the Clouds with latest Rugged AIOT-IP6801 IoT Gateway

    AAEON, an award-winning developer of advanced IoT solutions, releases the AIOT-IP6801, a compact, powerful, and highly customizable IoT gateway device. With an IP68 rating, this rugged system can be deployed in almost any environment, allowing your applications to stay connected no matter where they’re located.

    When buying an IP68 IoT gateway, customers typically have to choose between a cheap, low-performance device and a powerful but almost prohibitively expensive machine. With the customizable AIOT-IP6801, however, system integrators can sidestep this problem by working with AAEON to custom-build the right solution for the right price.

    The device is built around the UP Squared developer board, which features Intel Celeron N3350 and Atom E3940 CPUs and up to 4GB memory/32GB eMMC. Thanks to extra expansion slots, the AIOT-IP6801 gateway is flexible to add optional functions to satisfy the user’s needs.

    The AIOT-IP6801 comes with WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 with dedicated antennas. Optional LoRa, 3G/4G LTE, and IQRF kits are available, and the system can also maintain communication links in high-temperature environments.

    Measuring 240mm x 160mm x 70mm, the AIOT-IP6801 is considerably smaller than competing devices, and AAEON has further increased the system’s user-friendliness by substituting M12 connectors with waterproof attachments for many of its I/O ports. As a result, users won’t have the trouble of needing to get M12 cables custom made for their applications. Different SKUs featuring either 0°C~50°C or -20°C~70°C operating temperatures, and wide voltage support are expected to be delivered in 2019.

    “We’re confident that this is one of the most complete IP68 IoT gateways on the market,” said AAEON design manufacturing service product manager Alan Lan. “Thanks to the strength and computing power of the AIOT-IP6801, even if you work in the dirt, you can still keep your head in the clouds.”

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