Gartner Survey finds Government CIOs to Focus Technology Investments on Data Analytics and Cybersecurity in 2019

    Data analytics and cybersecurity pushed cloud out of the top spot for increased technology investment by government CIOs in 2019, according to a survey from Gartner, Inc. This increased focus on data reflects CIOs’ acknowledgment that artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics will be the top “game-changing” technologies for government in 2019.

    Gartner’s 2019 CIO Agenda Survey gathered data from 3,102 CIO respondents in 89 countries and across major industries, including 528 government CIOs. Government respondents are segmented into national or federal; state or province (regional); local; and defense and intelligence, to identify trends specific to each tier.

    “Taking advantage of data is at the heart of digital government, it’s the central asset to all that government oversees and provides,” said Rick Howard, VP analyst at Gartner. “The ability to leverage that data strategically in real time will significantly improve government’s ability to seamlessly deliver services, despite increased strain on finite resources.”

    Digital Maturity Is Advancing

    When it comes to strategic business priorities, the survey found that 18 percent of CIOs across all levels of government have prioritized digital initiatives again this year as key to achieving mission outcomes, compared with 23 percent from all other industries. The next three business priorities for government are industry-specific goals (13 percent), operational excellence (13 percent) and cost optimization/reduction (8 percent).

    The survey data indicates that governments are making deliberate progress toward designing and delivering digital services, achieving comparable maturity to other industries overall. When asked what stage their digital initiative was at, 29 percent of government respondents say their organizations are scaling and refining their digital initiatives, the tipping point at which a digital initiative is considered mature. This is up from 15 percent in the 2018 survey. However, government is still lagging other industries (33 percent overall) in scaling and refining digital initiatives. The gap is particularly marked in defense and intelligence, where just nine percent of respondents have scaled digital initiatives.

    AI, Data Analytics and Cloud Top Game Changers for Government

    AI has taken the lead as the top game-changing technology for government CIOs for 2019. AI (27 percent) is followed by data analytics (22 per cent) and cloud technologies (19 percent). Cloud dropped from first across all levels of government last year, to third overall in this year’s survey.

    Figure 1. Game-Changing Technologies

    Rank Government Priorities Respondents (%)
    1 Artificial intelligence/machine learning 27
    2 Data analytics 22
    3 Cloud 19
    4 Internet of Things 7
    5 Mobile (including 5G) 6
    6 Business intelligence 6
    7 Digital transformation 6
    8 Blockchain 5
    9 Automation 3
    10 Customer relationship management 2

    Source: Gartner (January 2019)

    “AI introduces new insights and delivery channels that will enable governments to scale in magnitudes not previously possible,” Mr. Howard said. “This will allow reallocation of valuable human resources to more complex processes and decisions.”

    Among government respondents, 10 percent have already deployed an AI solution, 39 percent intend to deploy in the next one to two years, and an additional 36 percent intend to deploy an AI solution within the next two to three years.

    Cybersecurity, Cloud and Data Investment to Increase

    Among all levels of government, business intelligence (BI) and data analytics (43 percent), cyber/information security (43 percent) and cloud services/solutions (39 percent) are the most common technology areas for increased technology investment in 2019. Cloud dropped from first place last year to second overall for 2019.

    Figure 2. Top Tech Investment in 2019

    Rank Government Priorities Respondents (%)
    1 BI/data analytics 43
    1 Cyber/information security 43
    3 Cloud services/solutions 39
    4 Core system improvements/transformation 33
    5 Software development/upgrades 26
    6 Infrastructure/data center 23
    7 AI/machine learning 22
    8 Technology integration 21
    9 Customer/user experience 20
    10 Mobile applications 19

    Source: Gartner (January 2019)

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