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    Intel Joule Compute Modules

    Create autonomous robots, intelligent drones, and embedded computer vision applications – all with the power of Intel’s newest and highest-performing compute module, the Intel Joule platform. Game-changing features include high-end compute and graphics, large memory, and multiple high-speed interfaces in a low-power, 0.9×1.7″ package, making it the ideal platform for inventing new, disruptive products.

    The Intel Joule compute modules are system-on-modules (SoM), combining a complete computer system, a Linux-based operating system, enabling you to rapidly move your ideas from concept to prototype to production for a fraction of the expense of traditional system development. And the Intel Joule modules are supported by Intel’s vast software and hardware ecosystem, which means you can choose your programming environment and take advantage of off-the-shelf libraries and peripherals to further accelerate development.

    Spark your ingenuity with Intel Joule compute modules – a powerful tool for bringing your most imaginative ideas to life.


    • High-end computing and large memory in a small form factor capable of delivering human-like senses to a new generation of robots, drones, and IoT devices & systems
    • Up to 1.7GHz quad-core processor, and up to 2.4GHz boost
    • Intel HD Graphics with up to 4k video capture and display
    • Up to 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and 16GB Flash memory
    • Multiple high-speed hardware interfaces, including USB3, PCIe, HDMI, DSI, CSI
    • Seamless transition from prototype to scale with a custom solution on Intel Atom processor and full software compatibility and Intel engineering support when volumes outgrow module
    • Tiny, integrated, pre-certified module that significantly reduces development costs and shortens prototype-to-production time
    • Modular design optimizes development costs by reducing non-recurring engineering expenses
    • Certified for distribution in >80 countries, saving significant time and certification expense
    • Robust Software Ecosystem that delivers immediate productivity with a complete suite of software tools and pre-loaded Linux packages
    • Includes complete suite of software and tools required to program the unit
    • Runs a new, customizable Linux OS, tailored for the Internet of Things, providing simple access to powerful IoT-required constructs
    • Fully supported up-streamed Linux for quicker access to features, bug fixes, and drivers
    • Comes preloaded with a variety of commonly used Linux packages for immediate productivity
    • Support for Intel RealSense cameras and libraries
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