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    Insight Management Solution unveiled to Augment the Remote Capabilities of Your Network

    NETGEAR Inc., a leading provider of networking equipment for homes and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) has introduced the new IT revolution for SMB’s with the launch of NETGEAR Insight Pro.  The NETGEAR Insight Management Solution is a progressive way to instantly discover, configure, and continuously monitor and manage your selected network of NETGEAR Wi-Fi access points, switches and storage devices.

    It offers plug-and-play setup and management of your small business network, using an easy-to-use Mobile App or a Cloud Web portal. Custom-built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of small businesses, the Insight platform allows any business owner or IT professional to discover and setup their NETGEAR devices, as well as update firmware on their Insight Managed devices directly from the cloud, from anywhere in the world.

    Marthesh Nagendra, Country Manager – India & SAARC, NETGEAR further adds, “Our Insight Pro solutions helps SME’s and the customers build a better relationship, the Insight solution provides businesses a platform where they can manage numerous customers remotely which makes it possible for the SMEs to seamlessly access all the information to ensure the business is running smoothly”

    Key Features:

    • Unified wired/wireless network management with data usage monitoring and logs.
    • Remote access with 24/7 visibility and control of all Insight Managed devices in your network.
    • Instant automated discovery of select NETGEAR devices and all Insight Managed devices.
    • One-tap device registration to simplify and streamline access to NETGEAR support options.
    • Easy-to-use network configuration across devices using your mobile device.
    • Firmware updates across all Insight Managed devices in the network.
    • Full remote/cloud network monitoring and management with no additional cloud controller, appliance, or PC/server necessary.
    • Email and instant push notifications and warnings on your network and device connectivity and network health.
    • Easy click-through to NETGEAR support for your registered devices.
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