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    Indian IT infrastructure expenditure on rise as workplaces going digital

    Gartner analysts are providing the latest trends shaping the future of the data center market during the sixth annual Gartner Infrastructure, Operations and Data Center Summit, which is taking place on April 5, 2017, at the Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai.

    Gartner Inc. analysis has stated that IT infrastructure spending in India will sum up to $2.2 billion in 2017, a 1.5 percent increase from 2016. The IT infrastructure market encompasses server, storage, and enterprise networking equipment.

    According to Naveen Mishra, research director at Gartner, “Digital transformation is bringing in new sets of challenges and opportunities for Indian infrastructure leaders.” “They have the unique opportunity of being at the helm of this shift within their organization, provided they align with the imperatives of the digital world. Modern, lean, agile and secure infrastructure is the business need,” he states.

    Digital workplace is the new mantra for enterprises as more digital natives join the workforce. Business and IT leaders are focused on building an agile infrastructure that can address the needs of the changing workforce demographics. Cloud computing is expected to become pervasive as an infrastructure layer, given its elasticity, and it creates a need for IT leaders to plan for managing various cloud options.

    Enterprise networking is the biggest segment of the Indian IT infrastructure market with revenue expected to reach $1.1 Billion in 2017 (see Table 1). Software-defined networking, SD-WAN are other options which organisations are evaluating while they build their next generation network infrastructure, to enable a seamless digital experience for customers, employees, and partners.

    Table 1

    IT Infrastructure Spending in India by Segment (Millions of U.S. Dollars)

    Segment 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
    Enterprise Networking   1,063   1,127   1,148   1,157   1,147
    Storage      346      352      365      378      387
    Servers      765      727      768      820      822
    Total   2,174   2,206   2,282   2,354   2,356

    Source: Gartner (April 2017)

    “With a revenue projection of $352 million in 2017, storage investment will witness a small increase primarily driven by technology alternatives such as SDS, and flash based storage coupled with continued focus on SAN based storage,” said Mishra.

    Gartner analysts are examining key trends at the Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations & Data Center Summit, 4-5 May 2017 in Mumbai. For further information about the Summit in Mumbai, please visit

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