IIT Hyderabad announces cohort of artificial intelligence (AI)

    The Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad has announced the second cohort of Professional Certification Program in artificial intelligence and Emerging Technologies for college students and young professionals in association with Talent Sprint. The hybrid program will be for six months and will include a five-week bootcamp at IIT Hyderabad with residential option. The program will cover AI, IoT, Blockchain, Quantum Computing and other emerging technologies.

    The year 2020 will be a pivotal year in AI-related employment dynamics, according to Gartner, Inc., as artificial intelligence (AI) will become a positive job motivator. Gartner predicts that AI will create 2.3M jobs. NASSCOM predicts that India needs an additional 140,000 AI professionals from colleges by 2021. This program endeavors to bridge the gap and provides IIT edge to non-IIT students in building AI expertise.

    The first cohort conducted in 2019 was highly successful with 115 participants from 45 colleges across 16 locations in India and the industry acknowledged their expertise with premium salary vis-a-vis average entry level salaries. The second cohort will build on the success of the first cohort. This program is designed for students who seek certification from a premier technology institute and plan to build a career in emerging technologies.

    There is a dearth of qualified faculty who possess expertise in training students on deep technologies and this program is designed to enable students across colleges in India to have access to the IIT Hyderabad’s faculty who have proficiency in this field of AI & ET. IIT Hyderabad is the first Indian institution to introduce a B.Tech program in AI, which was announced last year. It has been running an M.Tech in AI and ML since 2017. The institution is considered a leader in state-of-art R&D and academic innovations.

    Speaking on the launch, Prof. B.S. Murty, Director of Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, said, “We are happy to announce the second cohort of Professional Certification Program in Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies in association with TalentSprint. The program is designed for college students who are keen to build expertise in AI and other emerging technologies.”

    Dr. Santanu Paul, Co-Founder and CEO of TalentSprint, said: “We are excited to announce the second cohort of the program in association with IIT Hyderabad. We are building on the success of the first cohort and have included additional modules for enhanced outcomes. The program is unique as it offers non IIT students IIT Hyderabad experience this summer.”
    The six month hybrid program is priced at Rs. 200,000, Limited seats; Starts March 14, 2020. Applications are invited from college students across India and the selection is through an online test.

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