Hyundai Motor unveils first look of its fuel electric truck

Hyundai Motors on Friday presented the first look of its fuel electric truck which will be a new addition in the company’s commercial vehicle line-up.

Slated to launch in 2019, this truck comes with a distinctive design that makes it aerodynamically efficient, as per company release.

Powered by fuel cell powertrain, this truck will be Hyundai’s third launch based on fuel cell technology after the ix35 Fuel Cell and the NEXO.

The vehicle emanates an eco-friendly look with a blue color application and a bold side body graphic on the container. The front grille symbolizes hydrogen through geometric shapes, giving the vehicle a unique look.

Hyundai will disclose its plans for introducing the fuel cell electric truck in the European commercial vehicle market at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, the release added.

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