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    How is the component industry the intrinsic unit in Electronics

    Each and every electronic component in the market is massed through an array of steps and processes, these processes and steps are completed by the so called building blocks of the industry- The component Market. An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect manufacturing or their associated fields. element14, one of the leading players in the component industry bring the latest technologies to market, from development tools that speed up the design process to modular devices that engineers can quickly and easily build into their devices and the latest in easy-to-deploy artificial intelligence. ELE Times Correspondent Mannu Mathew spoke with Anil Kumar Challyil, GTC Site Manager, Global Technical Marketing, element14., to know about the current situation and trends in the component market industry.

    Following are the excerpts of the conversation:


    ELE Times: With the demand for mobiles and its respective accessories increasing day by day, how is the mobile manufacturing units in India giving a boost to the growth of component market?

    Anil: The manufacturing of mobile phones in India is largely limited to the assembling of kits. The printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) are usually put together in Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies, located in China.

    The scope of localisation of components is limited here, however, manufacturers such as Apple, who plan to build the PCBAs in India may influence component localisation.
    There is also scope for the localization of manufacturing of accessories such as chargers if they can compete against the Chinese imports.

    ELE Times: What are all the trading aspect to be considered while manufacturing a particular product for the industry needs?

    Anil: The credit cycle and finance cost in India are high, and hence managing margins are a challenge.

    ELE Times: According to you, what is the current status of manufacturing sectors in India in respect to component supplies?

    Anil: Current manufacturing within India is largely limited to passive and electromechanical components such as capacitors, resistors, inductive and magnetic components, switches, connectors, wires, cables, and printed circuit boards. These are low technology components with high availability of their raw materials and bulky for transportation. There is very limited manufacture of semiconductors in the country.

    ELE Times: How is the import of components from various countries for industrial needs affecting the Indian Component Market?

    Anil: Though there are few manufacturers of discrete semiconductors such as diodes and transistors, none of them have achieved the scale of operations that can enable them to compete with imports.

    ELE Times: Which product in the industry accounts for maximum resources from the component market sectors?

    Anil: The industrial electronics segment is the largest sector in electronics manufacturing in India. There are a large number of small and medium-scale manufacturers spread across the country making temperature controllers, process control equipment, power supplies, motor drives and inverters. These manufacturers make a variety of products in various configurations, as well as offering some customization to meet end-user requirements.

    Anil Kumar




    Anil Kumar Challyil


    Mannu Mathew
    Mannu Mathew
    An engineer and a journalist, working, researching, and analyzing about the technology sphere from all possible vector, Currently working as a Sub-editor / Technology Correspondent at ELE Times

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