Ha-VIS UHF reader family extends its powerful versatility

RFID data is pre-processed directly on the machine

The Ha-VIS UHF portfolio is being significantly strengthened: The already well-known flexible Ha-VIS RF-R300 will now become even more versatile. Effective immediately, there are now two more powerful reader models joining this new product family. These devices enable individual project requirements to be met even more efficiently and flexibly.

Two additional reader models are now available based on the well-known hardware platform from the Ha-VIS RF-R300, which is on the HARTING IIC MICA. The Ha-VIS RF-R310 is the first reader available on the market which meets the functionality of the Companion Specification for AutoID devices. This specification was created by the AIM Germany association in cooperation with the OPC Foundation. It forms the basis for the simple and efficient integration of AutoID devices based on OPC UA – the communication layer for Integrated Industry projects.

Moreover, the fact that HARTING has built up in-depth knowledge in the field of data pre-processing over recent years was demonstrated as early as 2014 with the completion of the official certification of the Ha-VIS Middleware by GS1. This makes HARTING the sole European company that offers a GS1 EPCglobal ALE1.1-compliant middleware.

This know-how has now been incorporated into the new UHF RFID reader Ha-VIS RF-R350. The Ha-VIS RF-R350 features ALE1.1-based middleware which is optimised for the MICA platform. Here, the complete data pre-processing of raw RFID data takes place configurationally and in standards-based manner. Communication with the reader simply takes place via web services, http, TCP or, if desired, via UDP telegrams.

Naturally, even more readers from the HARTING world can be connected with this embedded middleware. With this solution, RFID data is pre-processed directly on the machine or on the train, in line with project specifics. This relieves the networks, the back-end systems, and reduces response times.

Thanks to an improved software concept, all readers from the Ha-VIS RF R3x0 family can also be flexibly adapted to customer requirements.

Find more information, www.HARTING.com

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