Multi-pole Combination Connector for Power and Signals

87 contacts in minimal space

The Han K32/55 sets new standards in the miniaturisation of rectangular connectors. With a combination of 32 power and 55 signal contacts for use in size 10B housings, this application offers one thing above all: 87 contacts in minimal space. The result is that customers save time and money.

The reliable HARTING Han-Com product series, which distinguishes itself by combining power and signals in a single connector, has now been enhanced by the addition of the Han K 32/55. Besides space savings, the general advantages of this connector series are reduced costs and time savings, since 2 connectors are combined into one. In the Han K32/55, the crimp contacts of the D series and D-Sub series are built into a single closed unit, allowing the connection of a maximum of 32 power contacts (10A 250V 4kV 3) and 55 signal contacts (4A 50V 4kV 3).

Customers can select from silver or gold contact surfaces and can also leverage existing crimp contacts and thus their tools as well. In addition, the clear numbering of each contact chamber rules out incorrect wiring during assembly.

Depending on the application and the environmental requirements, use in size 10B enables flexible installation in compatible metal housing, e.g. Han B, Han M, Han EMC, Han HPR and Han-INOX.

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