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    Mitsubishi Electric´s Graphic Operation Terminal GOT2000 Series to add rugged model

    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that its Graphic Operation Terminal GOT2000 Series, a type of human-machine-interface (HMI), would add a Rugged Model to enable workers to monitor, operate and adjust machines that operate under extreme conditions, including very high temperatures, extra-bright lighting, strong vibrations or shock, and high water pressure. GOT 2000 Series Rugged Model (GT2507T-WTSD).

    Product Features

    •  Extra robustness and visibility for use under extreme conditions
      – Aluminium front panel for strong resistance to vibration and shock.
      – After installation the front panel is rated at IP66/IP67*, allowing it to be washed down with high- pressure water
      – Withstands extreme ambient temperatures from -20°C to +65°C compared to 0°C to 55°C for standard models.
      – Wide 7-inch TFT screen (WVGA: 800×480) with 65,536 colours for impressive displays.
      – Improved screen visibility and extra outdoor durability (approx. 95% UV resistance).
    •  Multiple communication interfaces for IoT worksites
      – Built-in Ethernet communication interface (Ethernet 2ch) for IoT integration.

      – LAN module (optional) for wireless communication with PCs.

    •  Various functions to help reduce total costs and improve productivity
      – GOT mobile function** to visualize overall state of facilities in real time using one or more remote devices (PCs, tablets, etc.) to reduce total costs at production sites.

      – Audible warning function to help shorten downtimes and prevent misoperations.

    Purpose of Launch

    Human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) are used at many production sites to display/monitor the operational data of production facilities and to operate/adjust equipment. Mitsubishi Electric´s GOT2000 HMI product line, first released in 2013, has been broadly adopted by manufacturers of semiconductors, flat-panel displays, and automotive and electronic devices. HMIs are also increasingly being used in outdoor locations such as parking lots, construction sites and mines, applications that require extra-robust and sturdy designs for use under extreme conditions. The new GOT2000 Series Rugged Model is designed to withstand extreme conditions in a wide range of categories, including operating temperatures, brightness, UV resistance, vibration, shock and water ingress.

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