GOEPEL electronic integrates boundary scan in SEICA flying probe testers

The Flying Probe Testers (FPT) in the Pilot 4D line from SEICA are now available with a boundary scan option from GOEPEL electronic. The two test procedures together provide a cost-effective and time-efficient platform for testing electrical assemblies in production.

SEICA flying probe testers

Thanks to the integration of the boundary scan software “SYSTEM CASCON” in the Pilot 4D FPT, the customer benefits from the advantages and capabilities of both test procedures. Compared with using a single test procedure, using this interactive test can significantly increase overall test coverage. At the same time, the routes taken by the probes in the flying probe test can be reduced by skipping or removing steps which are already covered by the boundary scan. This complete solution has been optimised for a convenient combination of the two systems. When choosing the hardware components, for example, care has been taken to ensure compatible and recommended interfaces are used.

The hardware package required consists of a USB/LAN boundary scan controller, a TAP transceiver and also an I/O module, which is connected to the mobile probes by means of a preconfigured plug. This structure can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems. Combining the software of the two systems enables interactive tests to be created, which give users a greater testing depth and more detailed diagnostics.

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