Global Retailers Boost Tech Presence in India

    US Retailer Target is nearly doubling its headcount in Bengaluru to over 6,000. It has leased fresh space of 2.8 lakh sqft in Manyata Embassy Tech Park, sources said. When TOI contacted the company spokesperson, she did not confirm the planned number. But she said, “Target currently employs around 3,400 team members in Bengaluru and we’re committed to continued growth, with new positions in marketing, technology, finance, supply chain, in-house engineering and much more. Team members in India work on some of the most important strategies in retail, in service to Target and our guests.”

    The pandemic dealt a mighty blow to physical retail, forcing global giants in this field to look at significantly strengthening their digital channels. India is emerging as a big beneficiary of all the technology work this entails.

    Walmart’s tech arm in India has added 2,000 employees in its Bengaluru centre and 800 people in Chennai over the past year, taking total strength to over 5,000. A Walmart Global Tech India spokesperson said the company is growing across Bengaluru, Chennai and Gurgaon. “We are building a diverse workforce with a broad array of skills such as AI, ML, data sciences and across functions including technology, product management, UX design, operations, HR and rewards,” she said.

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