Expansion in global footprint and foster growth for strategic alliance

    TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, announced the continued growth of its strategic alliances aimed at strengthening the company’s global scope. Conley & Associates, Florida’s leading sales representative for electronic components, and XTronics, the leading manufacturers’ representative in Canada for unique solutions in sensing, switching and power applications, now offer TT’s best-in-class, quality AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters. These alliances extend availability of TT’s wider Power Partners portfolio throughout North America, both directly and via distribution.

    “Our new Conley and expanded XTronics alliances, as well as others already in place, demonstrate our deep commitment to broadening TT’s reach – tapping ecosystem expertise to make our premium products readily availability to those markets and geographies that require the best,” said Susan Cervenak, Director of Sales, TT Electronics. “And, as we enter 2020, we’re dedicated to forging additional partnerships that will enable TT to further penetrate its target markets and significantly contribute to each partner’s success in tandem with our own.”

    A leading provider of medical and industrial specialist power products for the North American market, Power Partners Inc. was acquired in March 2019 to complement TT’s global power electronics business with new products and design capabilities. The move supports TT’s competitive advantage in the connected health arena, tapping into Power Partners’ expertise in power solutions design for a broad spectrum of medical applications. TT also serves industrial customers in applications including telecommunications, printers, test and measurement instruments, factory automation, industrial controls, and consumer communications/networking devices.

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