When it gets hot, it’s time for Diphyl

Heat is needed for production almost everywhere, in every industry. Temperatures often rise as high as 400° Celsius or higher. Many production processes are not viable without heat transfer fluids, which allow the heat to be passed on to the next station and not be lost. As a result, many production plants depend on organic heat transfer fluids, such as Diphyl by LANXESS.

Exact and constant temperatures are important
Organic heat transfer fluids are certainly a good idea when things are heating up, but also at lower operating temperatures. They can be divided into two categories: mineral oil-based and synthetic. At high temperatures, in particular, synthetic organic heat transfer media are the best solution.

They are used wherever precise temperature control is important. This applies, for example, to the manufacture and processing of plastics, synthetic fibers and rubber, and to the wood and metal processing industry. Heat transfer media are indispensable when the task is to make PET out of polyester, for example, and to further process it into fibers and bottles.

The distinguishing features of synthetic heat transfer media are their high boiling ranges, high thermal stability and long service life. They are therefore particularly suitable for completely temperature-stable process management at high temperature ranges of 300 to 400° Celsius. Under these conditions, the LANXESS Diphyl range proves its worth – more than 85 years after being first put on the market. Thanks to its unique thermal stability and longevity, the heat transfer fluid Diphyl is also known as the Grande Dame of heat transfer fluids.

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