Enjoy High Resolution audio playback from ROHM’s Sound Processor IC

New Car-Audio Sound Processor IC offers Superior audio quality design technology which ensures faithful reproduction with minimal noise

ROHM has recently announced the availability of a sound processor capable of high resolution audio playback that performs volume adjustment and audio mixing for car audio and navigation systems requiring high sound quality.

In recent years the proliferation of quieter cabins and higher resolution sound sources resulting from the introduction of EVs(Electric Vehicles) and PHVs (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles) has increased demand for more accurate audio representation – even in the car audio sector. However, audio SoCs which comprise the core of car audio systems, are trending towards lower voltages following greater process miniaturization, reducing the size of audio signals that can be supported. This increases relative floor noise, requiring low noise, high-fidelity analog volume after the SoC stage.

In pursuit of characteristics required for car audio, ROHM expanded on its lineup of sound processors (which have been well received with more than 120 million units shipped worldwide over the last 5 years), with the BD34602FS-M that was developed with a focus on sound quality by utilizing proprietary sound quality design technology. Class-leading characteristics such as low 0.004% distortion and 3.1uVrms floor noise make it possible to extract the full data from sound sources, improving spatial representation (location of sound source and perceived distance). The result is improved car-audio quality (which is experiencing increased demand), while promoting the adoption of high-resolution sound sources and a reduction in cabin-noise.


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