element14 Launches Analog Devices EVAL-ADICUP360 Evaluation Board For High Precision Analog Applications

ADICUP360 Evaluation Board
Analog Devices EVAL-ADICUP360 Evaluation Board

Arduino compatible development platform enables rapid prototyping with ADI or third party shields

element14 announces the launch of Analog Devices EVAL-ADICUP360 Evaluation Board. The EVAL-ADICUP360 evaluation board is part of a comprehensive ecosystem which includes open source development tools, software examples, and hardware modules. The hardware has an Arduino/ PMOD form factor for easy plug and play functionality and rapid prototyping with ADI or third party shields.

Key features include:

  • ARM Cortex M3 Analog microcontroller
  • Dual integrated 3.9kSPS 24bit Data Acquisition/Sigma-delta ADC
  • Up to 12 multiplexed analog input channels
  • No External Debugger/Emulator tools needed
  • Open Source, free, Eclipse-based Interactive Development Environment (IDE)
  • Compatible with Arduino and PMOD add-on modules
  • Low power

The evaluation board is made up of two major building blocks: a fully integrated, 3.9 kSPS, 24-bit data acquisition system that incorporates dual high performance, multichannel sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs); a 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M3 processor; and Flash/EE memory, realised on a single chip ADuCM360 microcontroller. The ADuCM360 is designed for direct interfacing to external precision sensors in both wired and battery-powered applications. Applications would include:

  • Industrial automation and process control
  • Intelligent precision sensing systems
  • 4 mA to 20 mA loop-powered smart sensor systems
  • Medical devices, patient monitoring

 An on-board SWD interface, based on the OpenSDA platform. This block allows the use of a free Software Development Tool Chain to program and debug the ADuCM360 microcontroller device. The ADuCM360 IDE offers designers an easy to use development tool with no code-size limitations.

 The EVAL-ADICUP360 Evaluation Board is available from http://in.element14.com/2522720 in Asia. 

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