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    Matrix Launches VARTA WIN200


    Today’s dynamic business environment requires real-time communication solution with anytime anywhere access. Business communication often fails to keep pace with these demands due to complex architecture and rigid interfaces. In the modern era of technology, organizations are finding it difficult to cope up with the conventional legacy of telecom infrastructure. Businesses are looking for vigorous growth which gives rise to the need of the next big thing also known as Unified Communications (UC).

     Matrix launches VARTA WIN200 – The UC Client, redefining communication experience with its variety of collaboration features and intuitive user interface. Powered by MATRIX SARVAM UCS, VARTA WIN200 empowers user to switch or extend the extension to their desktop computer. It offers real-time features such as Video Calling, Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging, Drag-and-Drop Conference and BLF Keys (up to 600). The VARTA WIN200 elevates communication effectiveness and business productivity to the next level. With VARTA WIN200 organizations can transform their desktop into a smart collaborative workstation.

     VARTA WIN200 provides flexibility by allowing users to access services at any time in any place. Services are tightly linked to the user, providing unique levels of personalization and control over the communication experience, leading to enhanced productivity. An example is the ability to access voice mail, text and instant messages from a single interface.

     VARTA WIN200 is also a business mobility solution which enables employees to get full access to enterprise communication features on their desktop computers. In turn, it extends connectivity between employees so as to stay in touch with business communication and enhance customer responsiveness.

     Optimized for Hospitality, Corporates and Call Centres, VARTA WIN200 offers a perfect blend of real-time and non-real time communications. This in turn helps organizations reduce operational costs, enhance productivity and leverage communication infrastructure and services all at one place.

     VARTA WIN200 comes loaded in two set of features: ESSENTIAL and PROFESSIONAL

     Key features:-

    • Corporate Directory Integration
    • 1000 DSS & 600 BLF keys for Monitoring
    • Popup Window for Incoming Message and Call
    • Comprehensive Call Management – Hold, Transfer, Forward, DND
    • Presence Sharing and Instant Messaging
    • Video Calling
    • Drag and Drop Conference
    • Contact Grouping

     VARTA WIN200 is a revolutionary step in technology as it is focused on mobility and collaboration. With Unified Communication in its arsenal Matrix can now set new benchmarks and address new markets. We look forward to greet our customers, discuss their requirements and offer prompt solution to fulfill their growth aspirations with VARTA WIN200.

    To find out and learn more about the well-engineered products and solutions offered by Matrix, for optimizing your business processes, visit the company website,

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