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    element 14 stocks BBC’s micro:bit coding device

    element14, The Development Distributor, is now shipping the BBC micro:bit to customers in India as they join The Micro:bit Education Foundation to officially launch the coding device  in India at Didac, Bombay Exhibition Centre, 19-21 September 2017.

    The BBC micro:bit was originally launched in the UK in March 2016 following an educational programme led by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in partnership with a group of technology partners including ARM, Microsoft and element14.  Since launch in the UK there have been 13 million visits to the website, nearly 10 million code simulator runs and 2 million compiles to devices.  The use of the micro:bit in education is also delivering a positive change in attitudes towards STEM.

    • 39% of girls said that they would definitely choose ICT/computing compared to 23% before
    • 86% said it made computer science more interesting
    • 88% said it showed that coding isn’t as hard as they thought

    Measuring only 4cm by 5cm, the BBC micro:bit is a hands-on, easy-to-use introduction to the world of technology and is packed with features that provide endless possibilities for creativity. The device is supported by a website, that features a range of resources and tutorials to help users take advantage of the micro:bit’s vast potential.

    The micro:bit includes:

    • 25 red LEDs –light them up, flash messages, create games, and invent digital stories
    • Two programmable buttons– associate them with an action and interact with your projects
    • On-board motion detector– just like a smartphone; the micro:bit can react to shakes, tilts, and even drops
    • A built-in compass –sense which direction you’re facing and your movement in degrees
    • Bluetooth Smart Technology and Low Energy– connect to the internet and the world around you, whether that’s other micro:bits, phones, cameras, or tablets to ‘code on the go’ or take selfies
    • Five Input and Output rings –connect the micro:bit directly to other devices using crocodile clips or 4mm banana plugs, and send commands back and forth

    The BBC micro:bit is available to buy from element14 in India.

    ELE Times Bureau
    ELE Times Bureau
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