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    electronica India and productronica India 2019: Gear up for largest show on electronic components and production technology

    After a tremendous response in Bengaluru last year, electronica India and productronica India are back with their next edition for the year 2019. With approximately 600 exhibitors from 28 countries and footfall exceeding 25,000 trade fair visitors in 2018, both the shows are growing at an exponential rate. Scheduled from 25th -27th of September, 2019, electronica India and productronica India are back with their next edition. To accommodate the influx of exhibitors and visitors and to enhance the exhibiting experience for both, the show organizer, Messe Muenchen India, has moved the venue to India Expo Centre at Greater Noida, New Delhi.

    “Greater Noida is the ideal location for electronica India and productronica India since it is a manufacturing base for numerous sectors like mobile, consumer electronics, LED and automotive companies among many others”, asserts Bhupinder Singh, CEO of Messe Muenchen India. The new venue is designed to provide top notch amenities. Outfitted with sizable warehousing, advance security along with good metro and road connectivity, it is a lucrative blend of technology and world-class facilities.

    Future of electronic components and production technologies

    The trade fairs are the ideal platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest innovations and get a strong foothold in the market. With the participation of eminent players, the shows focus on bringing the best of the industry under one roof, for the visitor’s advantage.

    Over the past 5 years, the electronics industry in India has witnessed tremendous upturn which is being driven by various factors – increasing consumption of electronic devices, regressing cost of these devices and growing electronics appetite of the Indian masses. In the wake of 4G LTE networks and IoT, the industry is undergoing rapid change.  The country is opening its eyes to the true potential of the electronic industry and initiatives such as Digital India, Make in India and Smart India are further accelerating growth and bringing much needed awareness to the sector. Projected to grow at a CAGR of 17% during 2014-2020, the India electronic sector is anticipated to become the 5th largest sector by 2025.

    e-Automotive Conference:  Bringing to light the latest innovations dominating the industry and to encourage dialog that challenges the status-quo is the agenda behind this conference. e-Automotive conference focuses on highlighting the recent technologies and developments in electronic vehicle (EV) market taps on advanced electronic applications.

    Buyer-Seller Forum: The perfect match-making of the buyer with the seller: The Buyer-Seller forum at electronica India and productronica India has emerged as a highly anticipated and profitable forum. This forum renders an advantageous, money-making opportunity for buyers to conduct, one-on-one communication with the sellers. Prominent companies like Bosch, Intel, Pricol, Havells, L&T, Lava, C-Dot, ISRO, Samsung and many others have garnered lucrative business opportunities by participating at the Buyer-Seller forum at electronica India and productronica India.

    IPCA Expo: A non-profit organization, IPCA is dedicated to promoting state-of-the-art PCB technology and business in India by technical interactions arranged through seminars and conferences. IPCA Expo is jointly organized by Messe Muenchen India in association with ELCINA. IPCA Expo aims to provide a platform for domestic and international PCB businesses. IPCA is strongly supported by World Electronics Circuit Council (WECC) which brings in participants from various countries such as China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA), Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association (HKPCA), Japan Printed Circuit Association (JPCA) and Korea Printed Circuit Association (KPCA) along with IPCA to participate in the expo.

    India PCB Tech Conference: This conference is focused on harnessing the true potential of PCB technologies and its applications. India PCB Tech Conference provides a platform for the best manufacturers and suppliers of PCB technologies to showcase their innovations to a curated set of target audience.

    The CEO forum: The ideal investor forum for the EDSM sector: The first edition of the CEO forum held in 2016 was an incredibly successful event. With more and more delegates and state representatives participating in great numbers, CEO forum has garnered considerable recognition.

    The 2018 edition of electronica India and productronica India arranged approximately 1200 meetings. The 2019 edition is anticipated to bring in even more global brands to participate at the forum, with estimated meeting to go up to 1,500.

    These trade fairs focus on the identification, authentication and digital payment technologies and are the only trade fairs of their kind in India.

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