lead type multilayer ceramic capacitor

For 200°C automobile: Murata to bring Lead type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed the RHS series of lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors for automobile use at maximum usage temperature of 200°C. The...
Embedded Systems

Multi-Decade Design Simplifies Current Monitoring

Using a DMM on fixed ranges can be frustrating, but this simple design idea allows current monitoring from μA to over 100mA in a...
Texas Instruments

New Advancements in Analog and Digital Interfaces for High-speed Data Converters

Recent advancements in high-speed Data Converter sampling rates and bandwidth handling capabilities changed the way of interfacing the high-speed ADCs and DACs with processors...
Automotive electronics

Multicore Design and Hardware Virtualization

Virtualization strategies are distinctly varied between the cloud/server computing and the edge/embedded computing markets. Generally speaking, virtualization offers the following benefits: Run multiple operating...
X-ray Inspection

Recent Advances In X-ray Inspection for Electronics Manufacturing

Taking x-ray images goes back over 100 years. Since then, there have been numerous advances in terms of x-ray tube and x-ray detector technology...
high resolution LCDs

The Industry’s First Automotive Chipsets That Support Functional Safety in High Resolution Displays

Expanded lineup compatible with functional safety measures for speedometers, side mirrors, and other vehicle systems ROHM and LAPIS Semiconductor have announced the availability of chipsets...
Wearable Sensor Technology

Advancement in Wearable Sensor Technology, by STMicroelectronics

By Mr. Vishal Goyal, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Analog and MEMS Group; RF, Sensors and Analog Custom Products, Asean-ANZ and India, STMicroelectronics Wearable Introduction A perfect...
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