element14 Introduces New Test Workflow Software from NI

    element14 has today introduced the brand new Test Workflow subscription bundles from NI that expands engineers’ access to the software needed to design and automate a test or measurement system through a single software license.

    With engineers firmly planted at the centre of digital transformation, they need access to more advanced, higher-performing tools than ever before. The Test Workflow software bundle recognises the increased productivity that results from using several software tools and provides streamlined access through a SaaS model.

    “Engineers use NI’s software to improve every phase of their product lifecycle, producing valuable measurements, data, and insights,” said Shelley Gretlein, vice president of software strategy at NI. “Test Workflow ensures engineers have all the software they need to streamline their test and measurement applications and seamlessly transition from design to validation.”

    NI’s new Test Workflow bundle is a subscription-based collection of software for engineers working on research, validation, and production test applications. The bundle, available from element14 globally, provides access to NI’s most popular test and measurement software through one low-cost, easy-to-manage license for software products that gets projects to market faster.

    The combination includes LabVIEW, TestStand, FlexLogger, and DIAdem, and enables engineers to gain actionable insights, improving their test system development, and delivering more value from their test data. With the ability to scale up or down as needed, users have additional control over project costs.

    James McGregor, Global Head of Test, Tools & Production Supplies at element14 said: “As engineers move from design to production they have to test several different criteria and conditions, often requiring use of multiple software and tools. It is critical to maximise productivity and efficiency and with NI’s Test Workflow bundle, engineers now have all the tools they need in a single place.

    “element14 is committed to supporting engineers in their journey to be as efficient as possible and to maximise ease-of-use. We are really excited to be bringing this brand new offering from NI to market for our Test customers globally.”

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